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2018 Volvo FH 460 XL Euro 5

ID: 125337
7 140 000 RUB
incl. VAT
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    Sales Manager
    I am fluent in: RU
    ШУТОВ ВИТАЛИЙ ИГОРЕВИЧ 123458, г. Москва, ул. Маршала Прошлякова дом 26, корпус 3. 64 км МКАД
    ШУТОВ ВИТАЛИЙ ИГОРЕВИЧ 123458, г. Москва, ул. Маршала Прошлякова дом 26, корпус 3. 64 км МКАД
    Cabin: XL
    Registration year: 2018
    Power, kW: 345
    Estimated mileage: 424,000 km
    Sales Manager
    I am fluent in: RU
    CategoryTractor unit
    Cubic capacity12,777 cm³
    Estimated mileage424,000 km
    Power345 kW
    Power460 HP
    GearboxAutomatic gear box
    Euro standard5
    Registration year2018
    Wheel formula4x2
    599.0 cm380.0 cm251.8 cm393.2 cm
    Ultra-high sleeper cab FH Globetrotter XL. Wheelbase - 3800 mm
    D13C460 engine 345 kW / 469 hp, 2300 Nm. Batteries - 2h225 A · h
    Automated manual gearbox I-Shift, 12 speed
    The engine compression brake (VEB +), including a throttle valve (EPG)
    Fuel tank cap with a lock. Right fuel tank volume - 570 liters. 900 liter on the left. AdBlue tank 6
    Driver comfort
    Climate control with sun sensor intensity
    External Visor cab
    Comfort sprung driver's seat with integrated seat belt
    Standard sprung passanger's seat
    The base material of the steering wheel trim
    Driving package FH
    Seat-chern.tekstil with patterned inserts, side - red vinyl; interior - textiles grays
    Independent cabin heater, 2kW
    Shelf volume of 154 L (300 mm) in the upper rear part of the cabin
    Lifts stained glass hatch in the roof of the cab with manual control
    33 liter refrigerator disposed under the bunk with baffles and a freezer compartment
    Technical specifications
    Digital tachograph requirements of the AETR appropriate
    Disc brakes with whole disks
    The diameter of the brake discs on the drive axle 430 mm
    EBS package «M
    Front suspension - parabolic spring
    Ass. Air suspension with three levels of height for the mode of travel
    Tubeless tire size 315 / 70R22,5 on the front axle
    Tubeless tire size 315 / 70R22,5 on the drive axle
    Cast iron fifth wheel Jost JSK 37C
    Definition LED optics trailer / semi-trailer
    Stop signals with the function of emergency braking warning
    ERA-GLONASS device
    The basic package electronic stability system (ESP)
    Partial adaptation for the transport of dangerous goods - 2 mass switch
    ADR preparation for liquids with a flash-point 60 ° C
    Load indicator on axis
    Radio - AM / FM
    Subsidiary 7 inch color driver information display, 800x480 pixels (153h92 mm)
    telematics gateway using GSM / GPRS / 3G modem and connect to the wireless network
    Eco cruise control (with control keys Eco-Roll and I-Cruise on the steering wheel)
    Connector fleet management system
    Emergency call key on the road with a microphone, Volvo Action Service (VAS)
    Halogen lamps H7 Forward Lighting
    V-shaped ( «V-light») daytime running lights
    Fog lights (total block)
    Spoiler on the roof (height <4 m)
    Long cab side spoilers
    Panoramic mirrors, electric heating,
    Centralized management locks the car door with a remote control
    The base trim level of the exterior (step, bumper, spoiler, mirror housings and sun visor gray)
    Tyre size (front)315/70R22.5
    Type of brakes (front)Disc
    Suspension (front)Parabolic
    Max axle load (front)7100 kg
    Tyre size (rear)315/70R22.5
    Type of brakes (rear)Disc
    Suspension (rear)Air
    Max axle load (rear)13000 kg
    70% 70% 70% 70%

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