ClassTrucks @ComTrans | Get 300.000 rub discount on VOLVO tractor units


Компания «ClassTrucks» примет участие в 15-й Международной выставке коммерческих автомобилей «ComTrans», самом значимом событии индустрии коммерческого транспорта в России, которое пройдет в Москве, МВЦ «Крокус Экспо», с 3 по 7 сентября 2019 года. Стенд компании «ClassTrucks» будет расположен в Павильоне №3 зал 15 место 263

One of the key advantages of buying from ClassTrucks is our ultimate knowledge about any aspect of our product and customer-oriented mindset. In other words, we are here to secure deserved peace of mind for our customers- whether it's every vehicle's history presented in a simple and clear way, detailed service records, product pictures after almost each trip or data from GPS tracking system showing where and how our product was used, firsthand driving experience from the original driver, fuel consumption and investments into service - each and every detail that will help our customer to get a full picture of how well selected vehicle will perform in the future.



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