Mercedes-Benz tractor units

The Mercedes Benz Actros is a reliable tractor unit that came to be in 1995, and since that time, many haulers have trusted it to carry heavy products through harsh conditions. It is available in different versions to give you a wide array of choices, depending on your preferred requirements.

Advantages of the Mercedes Benz Actros

Economically viable
As a hauler, you are looking to make the most out of your operations by investing in a tractor unit that is low on fuel consumption and has few maintenance costs. This tractor unit got built with heavy-duty hauling in mind and comes with minimal operational costs.

The good thing about the Mercedes Benz Actros is that it also comes at a reduced price at Class Trucks.

Long-distance hauling
If you are looking to transport cargo across vast distances, this is the tractor unit for you. The Mercedes Benz Actros is so sturdy that it can also haul heavy construction materials without strain. Thus you can rely on it for such work.

It is also environmentally friendly.

Services offered
We stock the latest used Mercedes Benz Actros tractor units in our selection and from these; you can narrow down to a specific tractor unit. From wheel formulas to cabins to location to mileage all the way to the registration date, you have a wide array of choices.

Service reports
Do you want to know the state of your tractor unit as well as its history? Well, this is possible thanks to the detailed service summaries that we will provide to you as you make a choice on which tractor unit to get.

Full inspections get conducted on the Mercedes Benz Actros units before we place them on our catalogues. You can also ask for extra services such as a change in color as well as other accessories that you wish to have.

With the best prices on the market for used Mercedes Benz Actros tractor units, we are set to hook you up with a reliable tractor unit.

Mercedes-Benz tractor units
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ID: 107307
Registration date: 21-10-2016
Mileage: 701,182 km
Power HP: 450
Moscow, Russia
5 550 000 RUB
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Mercedes-Benz Actros 1845

ID: 810289

Price: 66 900 €

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